Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Isidore's Wiles: The Fear This Time

Isidore's Wiles: The Fear This Time

The Fear This Time

When pristinely shaped entities
Were knocked into an equilateral triangle
By pirates lured inland by colonial lucre
Newfangled compatriots hailed three provinces of independence:

Nigeria we hail thee!

Then the horrid contraption was isoscelesized in turn
By the moil of ethnic heroes after the spoils of a brotherly war
Waged by two victorious angles against the vanquished one
And we rose in song for twelve states and the death of triangular tribalism:

Arise O Compatriots!

Now a geopolitical hexagon of jumbled cardinal points
Enciented by the greed of post-war jingoists
Encapsulate thirty-six states and a capital territory
Triggering a nagging quaere at the ebb of this flow:

Shall it begat yet another thirty-monther,
Or an eternal skirmish modulated by civil euphemism?